Big gap in nuclear science and technology education in India – Prashant Rawat of the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

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India has an installed nuclear power capacity of 6,780 MW from 22 operational plants, and another 6,700 MW is expected to be generated by 2021-22 through projects under construction.

Light water reactors are more suited for India, says Shivaramu of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

Shambhudeep Hore -
Nuclear technology in a common person’s understanding is synonymous with nuclear power generation.

Kudankulam: From Opponents to Proponents

Kudankulam is India’s most powerful nuclear power plant located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

Bangladesh’s Rooppur nuclear plant – a booster for economic growth

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Electricity, Industry and Development are complementary to each other and imperative for a country’s economic growth.

India – a potential South Asian hub for nuclear energy

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In the face of uncertain future of climate change accord, nuclear energy is an important component of India’s overall energy matrix.

Nuclear technology ushers in agriculture revolution in Bangladesh

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Agriculture, forming a whopping 55 percent of Bangladesh’s Gross Domestic Product, is an important sector for the country’s economy.

Plan transmission corridors with nuclear plant: DG NPTI

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The BJP-led Indian government has been keen on augmenting its nuclear power generation capability but the director of the national apex body for Training and Human Resources Development in power sector says lack of transmission infrastructure is the biggest impediment on this road.

India flirts with nuclear firms facing financial ruin

For long a pariah in the global nuclear technology market, Indian policymakers are pleasantly discovering how the boot is on the other foot as they are furiously courted by foreign firms themselves facing financial ruin.

Nuclear is one of the best alternative to traditional energy – Alpana Goel

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Head of Amity Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Dr. Alpana Goel speaks with nuclearpower.

Global nuclear giants go bust, should India celebrate?

The global nuclear industry is going through a virtual meltdown on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.