How far away are we from commercial fusion energy?

How far away are we from commercial fusion energy?

Electricity-generating fusion power plants — one of the biggest inventions in history — might be safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally responsible.

New fuel technologies would raise efficiency of VVER units like Kudankulam in India 

Nuclear Asia
TVEL, the fuel arm of the Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom, is developing a series of new fuel technologies that could also help increase the efficiency of the operating units at India’s Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP), according to an expert.

A Nuclear-Powered India to combat Climate Change

Ritu Sharma
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s renewed pitch to the United Nations Secretary General to get a seat on the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) table has underlined India’s need to harness the atomic power to counter climate change and walk towards sustainable development.
Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant in India reaches full capacity

Kudankulam: From Opponents to Proponents

Kudankulam is India’s most powerful nuclear power plant located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

Global CO2 emissions flatlined in 2019: IEA

Despite widespread expectations of another increase, global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions stopped growing in 2019, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Tuesday.

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant in Bangladesh – a booster for economic growth

Rafiqul Bashar
Electricity, Industry and Development are complementary to each other and imperative for a country’s economic growth.
China, India to drive global nuclear energy production: World Nuclear Association

China, India to drive global nuclear energy production: World Nuclear Association

The international trend indicates that Asia – specifically China and India – will be driving the nuclear energy production globally amidst the big economies like Germany, France and the US seeking to reduce their dependence on nuclear energy.
World Bank praises India's renewable energy success

World Bank praises India’s renewable energy success

The World Bank on Monday praised India’s success in renewable energy auctions that delivered record-setting low prices for solar power and said that the number of countries with strong policy frameworks for sustainable energy more than tripled — from 17 to 59 — in the eight years till 2017.

Nuclear technology ushers in agriculture revolution in Bangladesh

Rafiqul Bashar
Agriculture, forming a whopping 55 percent of Bangladesh’s Gross Domestic Product, is an important sector for the country’s economy.