Nuclear medicine in India has changed dramatically

Nuclear Medicine changing how India is treating diseases like cancer: AIIMS’ Professor

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Professor & Head of Nuclear Medicine Department of India’s premier institutions All India Institute Of Medical Science (AIIMS) CS Bal spoke to the Nuclear Asia about the progress of nuclear medicine in India and the challenges like shortage of manpower that contains the field from attaining its full potential.
Nuclear Energy Programme is imperative for the execution of the ambitious plans of the Indian Government

Hindrance in Indian membership of Nuclear Suppliers Group not a jolt: RK Sinha

Nuclear Energy Programme is imperative for the execution of the ambitious plans of the Indian Government for the country’s economy.
How Safety Is Ensured at All the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Project Implementation Stages in Bangladesh

Safety of Rooppur nuclear power plant in Bangladesh ensured at all stages: Experts

Alexander V. Bychkov/Yanko L. Yanev
Nowadays each country interested in using nuclear power, makes the decision to build its first nuclear power plant taking into account numerous factors.

Meeting challenge of manpower shortage in nuclear energy field in India

RK Shivpuri
Despite being an attractive option to meet the increasing power demand in India, it has two major impediments to it – nuclear fuel and skilled manpower.

Unique feature of Indian civil nuclear power generation – spent fuel management

Debalina Ghoshal
The Indian civil nuclear energy programme is unique in the sense that it has opted for closed fuel cycle programme with an added stress on nuclear waste reprocessing.

Optimistic about place of nuclear energy in future power matrix of India: RB Grover

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The Indian Nuclear Energy sector is looking up but it has still a long way to go. Brain behind the Homi Bhabha National Institute (HBNI) Padma Shri Dr.
Russia To Supply Advanced Safe Fuel For Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

Trained manpower crunch impeding nuclear power generation in India – R Shivpuri of Mody University

Shambhudeep Hore
The nuclear power sector in India is picking up speed but it is still far from replacing coal as the major source of power.
Private investment can help India reduce 35% greenhouse gas emissions

Run up to Rooppur nuclear plant: Bangladesh to plug gaps in nuclear education

Rafiqul Bashar
As Bangladesh readies for it first nuclear power plant at Rooppur, the field of nuclear education have been found to be wanting.

Big gap in nuclear science and technology education in India – Prashant Rawat of the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

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India has an installed nuclear power capacity of 6,780 MW from 22 operational plants, and another 6,700 MW is expected to be generated by 2021-22 through projects under construction.

Light water reactors are more suited for India, says Shivaramu of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

Shambhudeep Hore
Nuclear technology in a common person’s understanding is synonymous with nuclear power generation.