Nuclear reactor at Kalpakkam: World’s envy, India’s pride

Hidden from public, on the shores of the Bay of Bengal at Kalpakkam near Chennai, Indian nuclear scientists are in the final throes of starting a high-tech giant stove more than 15 years in the making.

India – a potential South Asian hub for nuclear energy

Ritu Sharma
In the face of uncertain future of climate change accord, nuclear energy is an important component of India’s overall energy matrix.

Russia can be ‘Make in India’ partner in nuclear sphere: R Rajaraman

As India and Russia inked the much awaited agreement on the last two units of the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in Tamil Nadu, nuclear energy experts feel that the cooperation can be furthered by Moscow becoming part of ‘Make In India’ in the nuclear energy field.
CAG faults NPCIL for cost overruns on Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant

Plan transmission corridors with nuclear plant: R K Pandey

Shambhudeep Hore
The BJP-led Indian government has been keen on augmenting its nuclear power generation capability but the director of the national apex body for Training and Human Resources Development in power sector says lack of transmission infrastructure is the biggest impediment on this road.

India’s indigenous nuclear energy program will not impede cooperation with Russia: M R Srinivasan

The cooperation between India and Russia on the nuclear energy front will not be impeded by New Delhi’s programme to build its own nuclear reactors.

Nuclear is one of the best alternative to traditional energy: Alpana Goel

Shambhudeep Hore
Head of Amity Institute of Nuclear Science and Technology, Dr. Alpana Goel speaks with Nuclear Asia about education in the field of nuclear engineering and why nuclear power is one of the best sustainable alternative to traditional energy.

“No-nuclear” is no answer

Nuclear Asia
Closer to India, recently built Kudankulam NPP, based on the Russian VVER design is generating electricity at a price of ₹42.

Scientists welcome India decision to build 10 indigenous atomic reactors

India’s installed nuclear power capacity is 6,780 MW from 22 operational plants. The new reactors will add another 7,000 MW to it.

Westinghouse: India’s gateway to nuclear industry?

Amidst rising uncertainty over six India’s nuclear reactors after the US-based Westinghouse filed for insolvency in March, a school of thought has emerged advocating takeover of the subsidiary of Japan’s Toshiba by New Delhi to gain entrance to the club of countries with nuclear reactor manufacturing technology.

Westinghouse bankruptcy to block India’s road to triple nuclear generating capacity – Financial Express

Financial Express
Westinghouse bankruptcy is proving to be an impediment for Indian nuclear programme that envisaged to triple its nuclear generating capacity by 2024.