How is the site for building an NPP chosen? 

Farmers in India have joined hands with scientists to improve soil fertility and increase their production with the help of nuclear techniques

The choice of the construction site for a nuclear power plant is a difficult matter. The following must be taken into account: – current and potential energy needs in the region. There is absolutely no reason to build an NPP in an area where electricity generation is not in demand. Also, the operating pattern of a modern NPP does not allow for frequent breaks in operation: the station can be stopped for maintenance and repair works (not more than once every six months):

– geological, soil and hydrographical properties of the site under consideration. The safety of the future NPP cannot be compromised by potential deformation of the ground during construction and operation of the NPP, potential risk of  karst cave formation, terrain erosion, flooding, landslides etc.;

– assessment of the possible risk, character and scope of natural disasters (earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes) and accompanying risks for the prospective NPP;

– the degree of development and potential development of industrial, transport and energy infrastructure in the region;

– the social situation in the region and its potential adaptation to prospective construction and operation of an NPP taking into account the staffing requirements of the station.

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