Bangladesh nuclear plant receives more equipment as unit 1 prepares to get operational


Equipment consisting of high and low-pressure wedge gates and swing check valves for the first nuclear power plant (NPP) in Bangladesh located at Rooppur have been shipped from Russia to Bangladesh, according to the Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom.  

A Rosatom release earlier this month said the valves will be used in the reactor buildings and turbine halls of the Rooppur units 1 and 2.  

“The products are designed to withstand high loads, including pressure up to 12 MPa (Megapascals) and temperature of about 300°C. The valves belong to safety classes 2, 3 and 4,” the statement said.  

“Before shipment, they passed a series of factory trials, including pneumatic, hydraulic and vacuum pressure tests,” it added.  

Rosatom, the equipment supplier and technical consultant for the project, is building two VVER-1200 units of 1,200 MW capacity each at Rooppur, located on the eastern bank of the river Padma, about 160 km from the Bangladesh capital Dhaka.   

Last month, Rosatom said it had shipped thermometric products to the Rooppur NPP in Bangladesh and the first shipment containing over 800 resistance temperature detectors and almost 600 thermowells had arrived at the construction site.  

“The resistance temperature detectors, thermoelectric converters, protective and switching devices are designed to measure the temperature in equipment, metal structures, and liquid and gaseous media with different corrosive properties,” a statement said. 

These products are used to monitor the temperature in the reactor core, reactor components, and the turbine equipment of the nuclear power units.  

The installation of eight heat exchangers of the Passive Heat Removal System (PHRS) in the Rooppur NPP unit 1 was completed in August last year. The PHRS is a passive safety system that ensures the long-term removal of heat from the reactor core into the atmosphere in the absence of all sources of power supply. 

In October last year, Bangladesh received its first batch of nuclear fuel which gave the Rooppur NPP the status of a nuclear facility and got Bangladesh the status of a country that possesses peaceful nuclear technologies. 

Unit 1 of the Rooppur NPP is expected to become operational this year. Both the latest generation III+ VVER-1200 power units at Rooppur will be equipped with active as well as passive safety systems, including molten core catchers.