Bangladesh specifies facilities for Indian consultants for Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant


Bangladesh has modified and approved the terms and conditions for taking consultancy services from India for the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant. The new modified deal adds more facilities to the agreement.

The modified deal with new clauses declaring more facilities in a more specific way have been approved by the cabinet in a cabinet meeting chaired by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Bangladesh has already signed a deal for taking consultancy services from India for the RNPP project. It was signed during the Bangladesh Prime Minister’s last visit to India in April 2017. The term of the deal has just been extended specifying some facilities for the Indian consultants.

A document addressing the demands and conditions for the Indian expert consultants for the RNPP project was sent from the Indian High Commission in Bangladesh to Science and Technology Ministry recently. A delegation from Bangladesh then visited India on 4th January to finalize these conditions.

Science secretary Anwar Hossain said: “We (Bangladesh) already have a deal with India on taking consultation services for the RNPP project. Now we just have added some conditions to that deal, which have specified some facilities for the consultants.”

Secretary of the Cabinet Division Mohammad Shafiul Alam said that now preparation is going on to finalise the deal between the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) and the Global Center for Nuclear Energy Partnership (GCNEP) of India. The BAEC is constructing the RNPP with Russian contractor Atomstroyexport (ASE). Apart from the Russian Federation, consultancy services will be taken from the Indian authority as they also have the experience of constructing and operating nuclear power plant in collaboration with Russia.