COVID-19: Rosatom subsidiaries start sterilising medical masks


In context of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic raging globally, Sterion JSC, a Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom joint venture in collaboration with a private investor, has signed a contract with Delrus to sterilize more than 58 million medical masks, Rosatom has said.

Delrus supplies sterile masks to Russian medical facilities.

Rosatom CEO Alexey Likhachev said in a statement that sterilisation using radiation technology guarantees that medical devices are processed safely and efficiently.

According to a Rosatom statement, Sterion has already processed its first batch of masks comprising 92,000 units. The enterprise was urgently transitioned from its ordinary two-shift operating mode to a round-the-clock operating mode consisting of three shifts, which will enable it to sterilise up to 10 million masks per week.

According to Alexander Shibanov, CEO of Rusatom Healthcare, a Rosatom subsidiary working in the field of radiation technologies in medicine and industry, the Rusatom Healthcare subsidiary Karpov NIFHI will also join the fight against COVID-19 and start sterilising up to 3 million masks per week.