IAEA satisfied with security of Pakistan’s nuclear power plants


After inspecting the nuclear power plant in Karachi on Wednesday, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Yukia Amano expressed satisfaction at their security arrangements.

Amano was quoted by Pakistan English-language newspaper The Dawn as saying that the new Kanupp II and III “plants are very heavily protected. Your country needs more electricity and you are committed to nuclear safety; you are working with the IAEA”.

The newspaper report quoted Amano making a case for atomic power for developing countries and that the technology should not only be restricted to developed nations. “Your country is an experienced user of peaceful nuclear technology. You have the knowledge; you have the pool of well-trained people to do their job. We [IAEA and Pakistan] have a fruitful two-way relationship,” the IAEA chief while addressing a seminar in Pakistan. The seminar titled ‘The Peaceful Uses of Nuclear Energy and Pakistan’ was organised at a hotel jointly by the Centre for International Strategic Studies (CISS) and the Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIAA).

The IAEA chief also touched upon the non-power nuclear technologies like in agriculture. He especially mentioned Pakistani mangoes treated by nuclear technology. He said that IAEA was also working towards ensuring food security through irradiation.

“Induced mutation technology helps accelerate mutation in food products. This is widely used in your country. All countries are suffering from climate change; in order to address climate change mutation technology is very important,” Amano said.

The IAEA Chief said that fighting cancer is an important focus of IAEA.

“Asia has the highest burden of cancer in the world. The trend is rising. Sadly, Pakistan is no exception. Quite often women are the victims. We need to do something in this area. You are much more advanced than certain countries. Training of medical professionals is at the heart of what we do.” He said that a new project was being launched focusing on radiotherapy and cancer treatment in the country.