Plan for 21 nuclear reactors on track in India: Sekhar Basu


India’s plan to build 21 nuclear reactors by 2030 by using different technologies is on track, Atomic Energy Department Secretary Sekhar Basu said on Wednesday.

The Secretary was speaking at the 62nd General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) hosted by Austria, an official release said.

“During the last general conference we talked about our plans to build the 21 reactors by 2030… implementation of this programme is well on track with foreign partners bringing in different technologies.”

“We have placed two Russian designed pressurised light water reactors and two pressurised heavy reactors being built with Indian technology under the IAEA safeguards. Thus, in all, 26 Indian nuclear facilities are placed under IAEA safeguards,” he added.

A pact was signed in March between Indian and France to establish six nuclear power reactors of European pressurized reactor (EPR) technology to enhance India’s international cooperation in the field.

The release said that under IAEA aegis, over 150 persons from Africa and Asia have been trained in cancer care and two radionuclide generators developed to fight cancer.