Power supply section installed for Belarus NPP unit 2


Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom has announced that the first 10 kV power supply section was connected on March 31 to the second unit of the Belarus nuclear power plant (NPP) being built by the company in Ostravets.

According to Alexey Kononenko, the construction director of the Belarus NPP at Atomstroyexport, the connection of the unit to the standard power supply scheme will be carried out in stages.

“First, the voltage will provide the power supply systems for normal operation, and then it will be distributed among the power supply systems of the security system and then to the reactor compartment, engine room and other facilities,” Kononenko said in a statement.

Providing the unit with electricity will allow specialists to begin full-scale commissioning.

During the first 72 hours of continuous test operation, specialists will check the operability of all four sections of the 10 kV power supply system for normal operation.

“After confirming their compliance with the design specifications, the electricity from this equipment can then be supplied to other facilities of the unit,” the statement said.

“A properly planned programme of step-by-step supply of voltage to the necessary power supply systems, monitoring and control systems will make it possible to begin commissioning of systems and equipment and ensure the unit is ready for later stages scheduled for the end of this year,” said ASE vice president Vitaly Polyanin and project manager of the Belarus NPP.

Belarus NPP will comprise two VVER-1200 reactors, scheduled to go online in 2020 and 2021, respectively.