Production of all RITM-200 small modular reactors completed


The manufacturing of the last RITM-200 small nuclear reactor has been completed as per the terms of the supply contract according to an announcement by the Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom.  

A Rosatom statement earlier this month said that this is the second RITM-200 reactor intended to power the new generation icebreaker Chukotka. The first of the two RITM-200 reactors to be installed in Chukotka was delivered to the shipyard at the end of October. 

“This is the last reactor that the company is manufacturing under the valid contract for the supply of power units for the new generation nuclear-powered ships,” the statement said.  

“The power units intended for universal nuclear icebreakers consist of two RITM-200 reactors with a power of 175 MW each,” it added. 

The RITM-200 is an integrated generation III+ pressurised water reactor (PWR). The small modular reactor (SMR) project based on RITM-200 reactors features compact design, modularity, short construction period and high safety standards with the service life exceeding 60 years.    

Since 2012, Rosatom has manufactured 10 reactors for nuclear-powered icebreakers Arktika, Sibir, Ural, Yakutia and Chukotka. The first three have already been put into operation successfully escorting convoys of ships in the western part of the Arctic. 

“RITM-200 reactors have proven themselves on board our new universal nuclear icebreakers, which has made navigation on the Northern Sea Route (NSR) more efficient. Rosatom Director General, Alexey Likhachev, said in a statement.  

“RITM-200 is the most modern ship reactor unit with the highest performance in the world. As a result, the icebreakers have higher speed and ice-breaking capacity, which are important characteristics for the ships given the increasing cargo traffic. The accumulated references will allow us to cope with other tasks set in the area of the Russian Arсtic development,” said Igor Kotov, head of Rosatom’s Mechanical Engineering Division.  

The development of the NSR as one of the most important logistics corridors is a national strategic priority for Russia and to increase the NSR traffic is of paramount importance for the comprehensive development of the Russian Arсtic. 

The NSR between Europe and Asia allows for faster shipping compared to the traditional routes through the Suez Canal in Egypt or the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. 

The icebreaker Chukotka is the fourth in the series of the nuclear icebreaker project 22220 being built by Rosatom. The vessel’s keel laying ceremony took place in December 2020, while its commissioning is scheduled for 2026. 

According to Rosatom, work is also underway for the construction of the first RITM-400 reactor plant parts for the advanced nuclear icebreakers under the 10510 Leader project. The 10510 Leader project is a planned series of Russian nuclear-powered icebreakers, which, when built during this decade, would supersede the Project 22220 icebreakers as the largest and most powerful icebreakers in the world.