Rosatom launches exhibition on travel featuring designers, photographers


Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom in collaboration with Russia’s State Tretyakov Gallery and the Moscow Design Museum launched an exhibition in Moscow earlier this month titled “Collection of Impressions. Photographers and designers on travelling”, featuring industrial, graphic, book, furniture and light design items, as well as textiles, ceramics and photographs.

According to a statement, the exposition displays 11 art installations of modern Russian designers and architects as well as photographs of the Rosatom engineering division ASE’s International Photo Awards 2020 runners-up from India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Hungary, Finland, Turkey, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Russia.

“The exhibition features travel, which is the thing we all miss so much amid the pandemic. Its itinerary passes through emotions and recollections, sights and sounds, stories to remind how travel is rejuvenating and what it inspires for”, a Rosatom statement said.

The exposition, designed by the prominent graphic artist Igor Gurovich, presents the works of leading Russian designers and architects: Andrey Bartenev, Denis Simachev, Yaroslav Rassadin, Katya Bochavar, Svetlana Tegin, Sergey Smirnov, Victoria Andreyanova, ARCHPOLE and many others.

‘Viktor Osadchev’s music guides through the exposition, transporting the audience across the halls and taking it to imaginary trip from one continent to the other”, the statement added.

“I think many of us love to travel more than anything else. The exhibition gives us a chance to visit various countries. This is an exciting combination of photographs with modern design, style, fashion and ceramics items. All this transforms into travel across space, into an extremely important message for all of us: do our best to preserve the beautiful planet we all live on”, the State Tretyakov Gallery’s Director General Zelfira Tregulova said.

According to the ASE Senior Vice President (Corporate Functions) Nikolay Podorov, “we have participated in a great and important event, it is an incredible experience for us. We have dedicated this exposition to all countries we are collaborating with. Countries that value the nuclear industry development. At the exhibition, you will see wonderful pictures taken by photographers and travel enthusiasts. These photographs reflect the work of Russian nuclear scientists”.

The audio guide to the exhibition has been recorded by Tim Ilyasov, fashion researcher, journalist and lecturer at the British Higher School of Art and Design, The exhibition will run until September 26, 2021, at the New Tretyakov Gallery site in the Moscow Design Museum.

The ASE International Photo Awards is an international contest for press photographers held by Rosatom’s engineering division. The contest is aimed at sharing knowledge about everyday life, cultural heritage and national identity of the countries where the engineering division operates. The contest was first held in 2019.