Wind energy projects to be set up in Myanmar with NovaWind assistance


A new set of wind farms are going to come up in Myanmar to be built with the assistance of  NovaWind, the wind energy division of the Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom.   

This project is to be realised under an agreement signed last month between Novawind and the Myanmar-based Primus Advanced Technologies Ltd. which provides for cooperation in the construction of wind farms with a total installed capacity of 172 MW in the Southeast Asian nation.  

“NovaWind (Rosatom’s wind power division) and Primus Advanced Technologies Ltd. signed an agreement on fixing the top-level ‘roadmap’ for cooperation on wind farm construction projects. The agreement envisions a partnership to construct a 172 MW wind farm,” a NovaWind statement said.  

“We have proved our extensive expertise through construction and operation of wind farms in Russia and looking forward to expanding the business above and beyond as one of the cornerstones of NovaWind’s strategy. The signing of this agreement would be the first step for unlocking the vast potential of wind energy projects development in Myanmar,” NovaWind Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Grigoriy Nazarov, said in a statement. 

NovaWind was set up in September 2017 as part of Rosatom’s efforts to diversify its operations in the clean energy sector. To date, NovaWind has commissioned 780 MW of wind power capacity and the company aims to put in operation around 1.7 gigawatts (GW) of wind capacity by 2027. 

“I believe that the cooperation roadmap formed with NovaWind will help us move forward more efficiently in the framework of the implementation of wind farms construction in our country. This will bring socio-economic benefits to Myanmar, the national energy system and the population of the region,” Primus Advanced Technologies CEO, Kyaw Hla Win, said. 

Primus Advanced Technologies is mainly focused on investment in the green infrastructure development sector, including power generation, as well as transmission and distribution. 

In July last year, the government of Myanmar signed multiple Memoranda of Understanding with Rosatom for cooperation in training and skill development in the field of atomic energy and shaping positive public opinion on nuclear power in Myanmar. 

In June 2015, Russia and Myanmar signed a preliminary agreement to cooperate in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, while in May 2007, the two countries had signed an agreement to construct a nuclear research centre in Myanmar that would comprise a 10 MW light water reactor, an activation analysis laboratory, a medical isotope production laboratory, a silicon doping system, as well as nuclear waste treatment and burial facilities.