Zyfra to offer Indian firms digital solutions to reduce COVID-19 risk


Finnish-Russian digital solutions provider for heavy industries, Zyfra, on Tuesday announced it will offer Indian companies a comprehensive product to reduce the risk of spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) at industrial and other facilities.

In a statement, the company said, the product, based on artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision, allows automatic mask monitoring with the help of video analytics, monitoring of the safe distance between employees and real-time reports about violations. Besides, the system also has additional functions like measuring body temperature.

“A lot of clients have become concerned about occupational safety. They have started paying attention to solutions that used to be second or even third priorities for digitalisation – those related to staff positioning and supervision over what the staff is doing at any specified moment,” said Zyfra Chief Operating Officer Liana Meliksetyan.

Various industrial safety solutions offered by Zyfra have already been installed in more than 50 companies in Russia and abroad, the release said.

Digital solutions now allow supervising the health status of workers and compliance with occupational safety rules, including those related to protective clothing and equipment, as a result of which thenumber of industrial accidents has decreased significantly, it said.

India has become the key foreign market for Zyfra with more than 500 computerised numerical control (CNC) machines connected last year to its MDCplus real-time machine monitoring and manufacturing data collection systems. Its major clients in the country include the Indian Railways, Godrej and the Murugappa Group, the statement added.