Over 43% of electricity needs met through renewable energy in India: Infosys

Russian nuclear corporation to hold online global atomic quiz on November 10, including in Bengali, Tamil

Nuclear Asia
Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom will be conducting an online nuclear quiz contest for school and college students in India, and across the world, according to a company announcement.
"Millions of Tons Of Nuclear Waste": The Biggest Myth Of Nuclear Power

“Millions of Tons Of Nuclear Waste”: The Biggest Myth Of Nuclear Power

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Some say that there are millions of tons of nuclear waste in the world and that they will never be safely buried, in connection with which Greenpeace blocks the railways along which nuclear materials are transported, and demands to shut down the entire nuclear industry at once.
Bangladesh, India inaugurate oil pipeline, railway projects

Leningrad nuclear plant’s second VVER-1200 reactor connected to grid, supplies power

Nuclear Asia
Marking a significant milestone for the state-of-the art Generation III+ VVER-1200 reactor developed by the Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom, unit 6 of the Leningrad nuclear power plant (NPP) was connected to the grid last week, according to a Rosatom release.
Japan to pursue nuclear fuel recycling amid plutonium stockpile dilemma

Japan to pursue nuclear fuel recycling amid plutonium stockpile dilemma

Nuclear Asia
In a move that has sparked major controversy, Japan has announced earlier this month that it will pursue a nuclear fuel recycling program involving plutonium extraction from spent fuel waste.
India continues to be denied membership of NSG: Anil Kakodkar

Uzbekistan a key partner in India’s efforts to build strategic uranium reserve

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Endowed with one of the richest uranium reserves in the world, Uzbekistan, the most populous country in Central Asia, is a key partner for India in the latter’s efforts to develop a strategic reserve of nuclear fuel for ensuring long-term energy security.