Key milestones reached in installation of world’s first lead-cooled fast neutron reactor

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The steel reactor base plate, weighing 165 tonnes, has been installed in the 300 MW BREST-OD-300 fast neutron reactor being constructed at the Siberian Chemical Combine in Seversk, Russia, according to an announcement by the Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom.

Fast reactor fuel reprocessing plant dedicated to nation by Indian Prime Minister

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India’s Demonstration Fast Reactor Fuel Reprocessing Plant (DFRP) located at the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) in Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu state, was dedicated to the nation earlier this month by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

A record 36.25 million tonnes of cargo shipped along Northern Sea Route in 2023

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A total of 36.254 million tonnes of cargo was shipped along the Northern Sea Route (NSR) in 2023, according to the Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom.

South Africa to build new nuclear power plants to add 2,500 MW capacity

The South African government will begin the process of adding 2,500 megawatts (MW) to its nuclear capacity, with the first commissioning expected in 2032 or 2033, a senior official said last month.

Northern Sea Route environmental monitoring project proceeds to its third stage

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The international experts’ group on environmental monitoring of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) has proceeded to the third stage of the project, according to the Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom.

India’s biggest nuclear energy conference organised in Mumbai

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India’s biggest nuclear energy conference organised in Mumbai Closely following the conclusion of the United Nations COP28 climate change summit in Dubai, UAE, India’s biggest nuclear energy conference – INSIC-2023 – was held last month at Mumbai, on the theme “Nuclear for Clean Energy Transition”.

Production of all RITM-200 small modular reactors completed

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The manufacturing of the last RITM-200 small nuclear reactor has been completed as per the terms of the supply contract according to an announcement by the Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom.

COP 28: 120 companies worldwide endorse Net Zero Nuclear Industry Pledge

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The Net Zero Nuclear Industry Pledge, introduced at the United Nations COP28 climate summit in Dubai earlier this month, calls upon governments, multilateral development banks and the World Bank to ensure that nuclear energy receives climate finance equal to other clean energy sources.

India’s second indigenously built 700 MW reactor at Kakrapar attains criticality

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India’s second fully indigenously built 700 MW pressurised heavy water reactor (PHWR) – the unit 4 at the Kakrapar Atomic Power Project (KAPP) in Gujarat state – attained criticality, or the start of controlled fission chain reaction, on December 17, 2023, according to the operator state-run Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd (NPCIL).

Rosatom showcases small modular reactor technology capabilities at COP28

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On the sidelines of the just concluded UN COP28 climate summit in Dubai, the Russian state atomic energy corporation Rosatom hosted the Small Modular Reactors Day (SMR Day) event presenting a full range of technological solutions to achieve climate goals and ensure a low-carbon future.