Nuclear power has high return on investment – R B Grover


Homi Bhabha Chair Professor, Atomic Energy Commission, Dr Ravi Bhushan Grover today said that emphasis should be on use of nuclear energy, considering the emerging demand and constraints of conventional resources.

“Nuclear energy, having high energy density and high EROI (Energy Returned / Energy Invested in production), needs to be pursued rigorously in the present scenario,” Grover said while delivering the 19th National Technology Day lecture organised by National Aluminium Company Limited (NALCO) here.

Speaking on the importance of energy and role of nuclear energy in global energy mix, he said that demand for energy can be a threat to lifestyle because of inequality among consumers and issues of economic and political stability.

Rising demand requires efficient use of energy as well as its affordability.

Importantly, he said, the supply side needs focus in the context of resources, technologies, costs besides social and environmental impact.

Grover stressed on evolution of technology to address issues pertaining to energy generation and consumption while focusing on safety, security and sustainability.

The CMD of NALCO, Tapan Kumar Chand in his presidential address said that technology has brought tremendous development and qualitative changes in the standards of living of people.

“In the industry we use technology to increase production, enhance productivity, improve quality, generate revenue from waste and promote sustainability,” he said.

Chand also informed that new technologies in the areas of robotics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, augmented reality, virtual reality are all likely to bring in drastic changes in the employment pattern.

He also said that industries need to prepare themselves for the changes.

He also informed that NALCO has adopted the nano-based Emrion technology, for the first time globally, for effluent treatment.

The same technology can be put to use in fluoride affected regions and benefit the society also, a Nalco release said.