Use heat recovery technology to increase energy efficiency by 50 per cent

Use heat recovery technology to increase energy efficiency by 50 per cent

An Energy Efficiency Expert claims that industries and power plants in Bangladesh can save up to 50 percent of energy using heat recovery technologies.

A Singapore-based energy efficiency expert made this observation at a workshop organised by German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) in association with Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (Sreda) and Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore (SEAS) here in Dhaka.

Dr. Chandra Sekhara Reddy Chirla, who works for Singapore Refinery Company Private Limited, said there is proven technology that can save up to 50 percent of energy.

“Normally, heat recovery technology can increase energy efficiency by 25-30 percent. But there are some technologies being used in the US and the UK that has potential to increase efficiency up to 50 per cent,” he said at the workshop that had senior officials from different power and energy related organisations from public and private sectors in attendance.

Through these technologies, exhausted heat is recovered and reused in the industries, he noted.

Sharing his experience gained from conducting studies in Bangladesh textile industry, Dr. Chandra Sekhara Reddy Chirla said that generally textile industries uses boilers for dyeing fabrics. “If they use flue gas for their energy, it could easily increase their energy efficiency,” he said.

So, textile industry and power plants can benefit from the use of this technology and the government has a role to play in this regard, he said. “The government must encourage the industries and power plants by providing them some sort of incentives to opt for energy efficient technology,” he said.

The industries and power plants can recover their investment on heat recovery technologies within two years, he claimed. And, in addition, they can also get the benefit of carbon credit facilities from it.